Tours Machu Picchu by Train

Machu Picchu is divided into two key districts by a large grassy square. On the left are the Royal and Sacred areas where the Inca ruler and his court resided; on the right is the Secular area where the workers lived. The city’s temples and stairways spread out across a ridge that drops several hundred metres to the Willcamayu or Urubamba, the sacred river of the Incas.

Trip Highlights: Daily Tours Machu Picchu by Train

  • Daily Explore Machu Picchu twice: in the early misty morning and in the afternoon, the least busy time of day.
  • Daily Enjoy the scenic ride of the PeruRail or IncaRail Train, which offers panoramic views of the Andes Mountains and countryside.
  • Daily Stay at some of the most unique hotels in Peru and enjoy fantastic local cuisine, including two picnics in the Andes.
  • Daily Tour the city of Cusco and walk through the famous San Pedro Market full of local culture, delicacies, and oddities—great for gift shopping!
  • Daily Visit a small town bordered by mountains and glaciers, and see a world that remains relatively unchanged since its Incan settlement.
  • Daily Discover the Sacred Valley of the Incas and experience a haven for natural beauty, unique culture, and plenty of archeological ruins


TOP TOURS: Machu Picchu By Train (Service PeruRail - IncaRail)