Cusco Machu Picchu Travel Packages

Explore the ancient history of South America!

This exciting tour begins in Peru where we explore Lima, the modern capital, and Cuzco, the capital of the 12th century Inca Empire. We enjoy a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines – Daily tours paracas, daily tours lima, daily tours arequipa, visible only from the air. Next we take a cruise to the Ballestas Islands, noted for its great variety of birdlife. We take an awesome train excursion from the Sacred Valley through the rugged Andes to the ruins of Machu Picchu. This archeological wonder majestically crowns a 9000-foot high ridge and was hidden from the world until its rediscovery 104 years ago. A day’s drive from Cuzco takes us to Puno, a resort on the north shore of magnificent Lake Titicaca – Daily Tours Puno.

Two boat excursions on the world’s highest navigable lake are arranged, one to the Uros Floating Islands and one to Isla del Sol. Nearby are the ruins of Tiahuanaco which date from 1580 BC. The tour finishes in La Paz, the historic capital of Bolivia.


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