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Blog Amazon Wildlife – Trip to the Amazon in Peru: An unforgettable experience.

Perceptions about my visit to the largest department of Madre de Dios.

The insects? Heat? Is the Yellow Fever? None of these reasons is sufficient to deprive to make an unforgettable trip into the Amazon.

WILDLIFE JUNGLE: The Peruvian Amazon is almost 60% of the country. It has a humid tropical climate with high rainfall. The months of November through March are abundant rains; and from April to October there is little rain, ideal for traveling time for the river levels dip and roads are easy to drive. Humidity is very high throughout the year.

WILDLIFE SIERRA: Dominated by the Andes Mountains, has two seasons: summer (April to October) with sunny days, cold nights and little rain, the ideal time to visit; and winter (November to March) with abundant rainfall. During the day, the sun can heat up to 24 ° C and at night the temperature can drop to -3 ° C.

WILDLIFE COSTA: This is a coastline on the Pacific about 3,000 kilometers which includes beaches, fertile valleys and deserts. It almost never rains but high humidity records. The northern area enjoys the sun all year round and has a short rainy season between November and December. The southern and central coast are rather two distinct seasons, winter (April to October) and summer (November to March).

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