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Welcome to our website Amazon Wildlife, if you want to make a great journey of adventure and enjoy your holiday in Peru exploring our wonderful and incredible destinations that will perceive and experience the magic of their own dreams in our Peruvian Amazon and the Inca Trail to machu picchu, where the lost land of the Incas Incas called worldwide as “Paititi or Great Paititi” is, is a legendary city or preínca kingdom, speak that could have existed east of the Andes, hidden somewhere in the jungle of southeastern Peru or Bolivia north of southwestern Brazil and the city pure gold all.

Amazon Wildlife Peru:

Amazon in Peru. The very name conjures up images of endless rainforest and lost worlds waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers to Amazon Wildlife. The Amazon basin is huge in Peru, covering as large as the 48 states of the US area, and even today, 78% is still covered by lush Amazon rainforest Wildlife.

A staggering 10% of all species known to science occurs here Amazon Wildlife, including more than 400 species of mammals and 1,300 species of birds amazing wildlife! To actually see any of this natural wealth is, however, an entirely different matter, and the sad reality of many cruises Amazon Wildlife is that very little wildlife is actually seen … until now, that is! Through a combination of research and field analysis academic studies in the region, “Amazon Wildlife – Manu Jungle Trips” has pioneered a new natural cruise that maximizes your chances of finding some of the most precious wildlife of the Amazon in Peru .

Biodiversity in Tambopata – Amazon Wildlife:

Tambopata has a great diversity of habitats, and therefore an incredible number of species are represented in Amazon Wildlife. In the Andes of Peru there are high levels of endemism, and this is also true in the protected area. The protected area rich biodiversity of various groups of organisms in Amazon Wildlife is concentrated.

Tambopata River basin is considered one of the richest ecosystems in the world in terms of biodiversity in Peru – Wildlife. One indicator of this enormous wealth is the fact that in an area of ​​only 550 ha, found 91 species of mammals, 570 birds, 127 reptiles and amphibians and 94 fish, among other surprising records Tambopata – Amazon Wildlife .

Sandoval Lake Adventure – Sandoval Wild:

Amazon Wildlife.- We are known as a tourism operator in the Peruvian Amazon Agency and provide more detailed information reserves a trip to the jungle in Lake Sandoval Reserve and Tambopata Reserve, Travel Life and the Inca Trail to Machu picchu.

Sandoval Lake Adventure provides all the tourist information Peru as tourist maps with their gallery tours and Peru’s national parks and World Heritage – Wildlife. We also offer vacation packages and travel promotion for schoolboys, to reserve hotels all the amenities of price. Sandoval It has an availability journey to experience the magic of Peru in the Amazon by the Inca Trail and Wildlife.

Excursions and hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Lake Sandoval Reserve, as tambopata wildlife and wildlife Manu National Park:

We offer great adventure trips throughout Peru. We specialize in independent (solo) travel, family vacations, small private or shared travel group, as well as trips to suit that allows you to take any trip in Peru! ! We perform a variety of tours Peru contain a wide range of different activities to adapt to the requirements of everyone! to meet with hikes and excursions along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the Salkantay trek, the Lares Valley, the Inca jungle trail, the choquequirao to Machu Picchu, and alternatives such as rafting, kayaking, cycling, climbing. You can also discover a large number of ancient cultures of Peru as a tours Puno, tours Cusco, tours Arequipa, tours Lima, Paracas, and our Amazon jungle as the Manu National Park, Reserve Tambopata, Reserve sandoval lake, Wildlife as their shelters there are many of them in the Peruvian jungle, tours to Iquitos, I put the Mainique, etc.

SANDOVAL LAKE LODGE – Sandoval Lake Reserve:

It is located inside the Tambopata National Reserve ” Puerto Maldonado ” , about 25 minutes downstream from the Madre de Dios – Wildlife.

Sandoval Lake Lodge is located in one of the most beautiful lakes in the beautiful Forest of Tambopata and perhaps in all of Peru – Wildlife. It is close to Cusco ” only about 30 minutes of flight by plane ) is one of the best ways to visit the imperial capital of Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and festivals held each year.

The Inn of Lake Sandoval has several single, double , double rooms with shower and hot water, a comfortable dining space with a panoramic view of the lake Sandoval .

The Sandoval Lake lodge was built with ecological wood from the area , one that is transported by the river Madre de Dios, that is, has not cut trees specifically for wood but were brought – Wildlife.

For a complete tour of the Amazon Rainforest we recommend programs lasting 2 or 3 days trip in the Sandoval lake in the Tambopata Wildlife.

If you are interested visit the clay lick in the Sandoval lake view we recommend our special programs on the website Amazon Wildlife.

The Inn of Lake Sandoval is recommended by the most important national and global guidelines as Tourism Wildlife : South American Handbook, Lonely Planet , Insight Guides Discovery Channel among others in the world. Years ago during the month of December 2002 – Sandoval, Conde Nast Traveler regards it as one of the top three places of the Peru Jungle to be visited and the experience within the Amazon rainforest for every traveler .

Amazon Wildlife.- Our programs to visit and travel to Sandoval Lake lodge are:

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